Who is BMoB?


Hi lovelies, I am Karen, I am 44 years of age (geez, its taken me a while to accept that, say it out loud without crying for the return of my youth! and embrace the number I’m at, and who I am!) #thisisme (praise the world for The Greatest Showman!! I love that film!!)

I’m an extremely social being, who loves to help people, meet new people, enjoy new experiences and appreciates the world around us and tries to look for a positive in every situation (this is something I have learned along the way and gratitude and mindset are HUGE) .  I appreciate that life is extremely precious and that it should be lived to the full.  Time waits for no-one; and I love to help people to #bethebestversionofyou.

If theres someone/something/some place which I think is amazing, then I naturally have to let the world know!!  I realised after numerous years that I’m just a natural network marketer without even trying!

Referred to as the ‘local oracle’ by many (lol!), I felt I could use my love of communications and networking as my platform to become a blogger and share the love, the knowledge, the passions, my ramblings and basically anything I feel people would love to hear about and discuss.  They say to have a niche, but for now, this is just me and who knows, I may find my niche along the way in the Blogging world.

Not ‘Just a Mum’

I arrived here through a chance meeting of multi-award winning blogger, vlogger, film maker, #1 bestselling author, and mum of two, Vicki, known to the social media world as http://honestmum.com  I totally love chance meetings and this one has gone towards changing my life/moving me on to the next chapter of my life and #beingthebestversionofmyself and embracing who I am.

I was perched on a fence in Kensington Gardens as it was was packed out and Vicki and I just got chatting as our children played.  You know when you just click with someone and think “yeah, I could sit and talk for hours to this person”! Vicki explained she was a blogger and had  a website, but I was none the wiser. I just liked how easy she was to talk to and I felt a connection.  She asked me what I did and after a nervous pause, I felt embarrassed to say “Im just a Mum”.  I felt a bit worthless and useless and inferior to those with mega careers if the truth be known.  Vicki stepped straight in, and right there, she lifted me up on to a pedestal and strongly told me “YOU ARE NOT JUST A MUM”!!  I said I would like my own business as my husband is always at work so I need to be there for the boys, but I didn’t know what to do as a business.  Vicki told me to become a blogger, but my self confidence had shrunk from its former self, and my initial thoughts were ‘Who would be interested in me?  Ive got nothing to talk about, Im boring, Im Just a Mum’!!

Fate has a funny way and my old school friend (since age 2!) Catherine got in touch with some fab health products and about a great business opportunity.  I liked what I saw, but didn’t think it was for me, so said thanks for the products, but not for now with the biz op!  A year later, we spoke again, and something inside me thought ‘Its now or never, what have a I got to lose? Why not me? I love the products’

I also discovered Sophie Le Brozec via Instagram http://www.sophielebrozec.com and yet again, felt a huge connection and so wish id discovered her website Love the life you live years ago!  Its about giving your life a reboot, and totally inspiring womankind and Sophie manages to do this in such a real, honest and empowering way.  I can totally recommend the Life Reboot Camp!! Just follow the link on the site and tell Sophie I sent ya!!

So, that was then and this is now.  The amazing business opportunity has not only given me an income where I can still be there for our boys, but a sense of worth and the confidence as a person to become that blogger I dreamt of becoming but talked myself out of ever being.  Being invited to the honestmum.com book launch of #Mumboss and after party at Mahiki earlier this year introduced me to some other fabulous and inspirational bloggers, and I couldn’t wait to get started! So busymumofboys.com was born!!

Talkative people who are left home alone when the kids are at school and the husband is at work are like a fidgeter who has to sit on their hands to stop fidgeting but then they don’t know what to do as an outlet!! – Is that totally bonkers or does that simile make sense to anyone??!!  What I am trying to say is I was a bored housewife til I started working from home and subsequently blogging!

Where did I come from?

A farmers daughter, who spent her pre-University life on a farm on a hill in the middle of nowhere, I was quite happy with my labrador and my ponies and happy enough in the security of this little haven on the hill; Until I started visiting my boyfriend who was away at University at the time and then I too went to University (we split. it was a blessing. my heart was broken. but my life took off!!)

I wear more hats than Mr Benn (early 1970’s animated tv character for those too young to have a clue who I am on about!), and my CV is as long as a toilet roll! – some jobs would probably be best fitted to being a toilet roll, but everything in life is an experience and we live and learn!  Like I said, there’s mostly some good in everything somewhere!!

I’ve been a Veterinary Nurse (unqualified), Waitress, Vacuum Sales, National Trust Volunteer, Telesales, Admin assistant (many times), Schools tour operator, Ski rep/Resort Manager (Austria, Canada & USA), Holiday rep (Austrian Lakes & Mountains), Cocktail Waitress, Barmaid (many times! Pubs, clubs & restaurants), Reception Manager (numerous), P.A (in a famous mental institution – say no more!), Nanny, Events Management including working at the Sydney Olympics, Melbourne Grand Prix & Melbourne Cup, Sales person for an Electrical Wholesaler, Promotions, to name a few!!  I have spent the last 4 years as Chair of the local Parish Council (been a Parish Councillor for 11 years) and Chair of the Village Hall Committee too! My old Uni friends think its highly amusing and very ‘Vicar of Dibley!!

The low lights have to be working on the cauliflower packing line at the veg factory one summer from uni!!  That smell will stay with me forever!  But still, it was good fun at times and where I met one of my very good friends Emma who we are still as close now as when we met amidst the ‘caulies’ in 1992!! So, theres a positive to the horrendous conditions where we earned our summer pennies in!

I pride myself on the fact that I can mix in any circle and situation, and can fit in where I need to.  One of my summer jobs during the mid 90’s was as the STOP/GO person!!  My God Father owned a company who fit Cats eyes into the roads and I told him he was sexist for not employing girls, so off I went to the depths of Scotland with a team of road worker guys! I wasn’t very good at passing the cats eyes to the guys (they were bloody heavy and hurt my hands and back!!  I was never totally girly, but it did play havoc with my nails!) So, I was put on ‘traffic management’ with my Stop & Go lollipop stick!!  I loved it!  People waving all day and most truck drivers in disbelief that the person with the lollipop stick and high-vis vest and boots had very short cut off denim shorts, and was in fact a girl!!  From a young age, I always was against the stereo-typical and had strong views about sexism etc!  Probably fuelled by my mum who would ask my sister and I to fetch things (usually food & drink) for my brother!!  He then earned the name of ‘Golden Bollocks’!! He who can do no wrong!! lol!  I am sure many of you girls with a brother can relate!!

* W H O  A M  I?? *

After numerous years of travelling and working overseas, I returned to the UK, met and married my husband Anders (with a Scandinavian name, my dad assumed he was of foreign descent and that I would be moving overseas yet again!!)  Turns out, my friend Anna had gone on honeymoon to Barbados, met my now husband who was Rallying (cars) over there, they realised they were from the same town, had a BBQ when they returned home, played cupid and we got together and the rest they say is history.  That was 17 years ago!!!

My husband and I had however met the previous winter before I headed back to the Canadian Rockies in Banff (I left a piece of my heart there! I feel very blessed to have been in a position to live and work in SUCH and an amazing and beautiful place).  I totally believe in fate and bumping in to each other in a local pub before he had even met my friends in Barbados, we admitted that we had both fancied each other at school many moons earlier!!  I thought hey ho that was then, and off I went to Canada, oblivious of the future ahead!!

So, I returned to the UK and hung up my ‘Waltzing Matilda’ boots (& Skis) and decided it was time to ‘settle down’.  Already into my early 30’s, I suppose the headlines of ‘ticking biological clocks’ and ‘older mum’ resonated at the time.  I became a Mummy at almost 34 years of age and again at 35.  I was over 10 years older than my siblings when they began building their families, but i’d taken the travelling route, and like I said, I liked to be different and slightly non-conformist!

11 years ago I was working at a Veterinary Practice as a Manager. I gave up that job as I was lucky enough to become a mummy to 2 gorgeous energetic boys! It was a worry to lose that second wage but we managed.  I had planned to go back part time but that wasn’t an option and I was told my job was no longer available!  Don’t worry, Im not one to take things lying down and I very much believe in whats right!  Long story short, I sued my ex employer and won!!  They settled out of court and admitted they had done wrong!  It wasn’t the money, it was the principle of the matter!! We are no longer living in the early 1900’s right?!

My husband went self employed at that time too which was a gamble. He has a good business but he has zero spare time to spend with his family.

With only 1 school year between our 2 boys, I went from being full-on Mummy going to playgroups, days out, playdates etc, to becoming ‘mum’s taxi’ outside of school hours, with nothing of substance to fill the void of the school day.

I began to think W H O  A M  I????

I joined the gym to improve my health and fitness (and shed the baby weight!) I did Accountancy at College for something to do! (its my nemesis so I fancied a challenge as you do!), various voluntary and committee roles in the community, lots of charity work, and I took up road biking after I saw an advert to cycle 100km round London through the night!! Our 6-strong team were proud to raise over £3000 for Womens cancers and we all found a new love for cycling! But this wasn’t full time. What was full time, was laundry, cooking, cleaning, and ironing to name a few. In no way are these tasks beneath me, but but they just don’t float my boat, or fill me full of ambition. It also made me feel very negative and mundane! These are 2 things which I just don’t relate to so I needed to do something about it!

We only get 1 life, we owe it to ourselves, our children and those who didn’t make it this far on the journey of life, to live life to the full, to be HAPPY and to be GRATEFUL!

I found that Facebook Timehops were lovely reminders of the good times (and sometimes the bad!), but they were also a gentle reminder that it was over 4 years since we took a proper family holiday, and about the same number of years that I have been promising our boys that I will take them on a skiing holiday!! Spending several years living and working in the Austrian Alps and the Canadian Rockies, I want to take the boys to feel the exhilaration of skiing which I love (and to show them that even though I’m a ‘girl’, I’m still the best skier in this house!!! – I’m a bit outnumbered with the male species here!)

So, the skiing holiday wasn’t going to come to me! I totally believe in the power of positivity, but it is up to us as individuals to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!!

So, I decided to build a business for myself; Something for ME, but will also benefit and help others too (that Brownie Guide Promise of ‘I will do my best’ and ‘help other people’ resonated aged 7 and has become part of who I am!)

After 11 years away from the ‘working world’ but doing numerous freelance work, college courses and volunteering, I now feel I have found myself. I wanted to return to work but didn’t fancy the mundane 9-5 office job (after life in the mountains, its soooo hard to sit in an office!), juggling childcare, paying for childcare and then not being able to spend the school holidays with the dudes who are growing up far too quickly!!

I have found a HUGE benefit with my self development, self worth and credibility – and an income doing something I love and in my own time!

At first, like everyone, I was sceptical! “whats the catch?”, “it cant be that good” “no way are you going to earn such a great income AND receive 5 star holidays in return for your hard work – all from working at home”

Being a stay at home mum, I spend many hours on Social Media anyway, only now I get paid for it too!!
I am able to ‘Design a life I love’ because I am partnered with a company that has the most incredible training and support system. As I mentioned earlier, I have an in-built passion to help people and it would be my utmost pleasure to help anyone build a business for themselves through the same opportunities which I have been given.

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity (which operates in 160 countries worldwide), and how you can start to make your dreams reality, please don’t hesitate to contact me – check out the Join the BMoB Team page now!!

Everyday isn’t always Good, but theres some Good in Every Day!!

Big Love

Karen xx