210 years of Womankind

Gran , Me & Mum

Hey Lady! YOU, yes YOU!! You are amazing. You are fabulous! You may not be famous, but you don’t have to be; But every good woman needs to be celebrated. If you’re thinking this is just for those who do extraordinary things then have a rethink and salute yourself! Yes there are also many many amazing guys out there, but today is to celebrate the sisterhood, so boys, wonderful as you are, step to the side of the limelight and let those ladies shine!

You don’t have to be the new Mother Theresa/Founder of an orphanage/victim of a heinous crime or illness in order to be acknowledged on this day, you just have to be kind and be the best version of you. As women, we cope with a bloody lot! WE ARE AMAZING!!!

Im feeling warm and fuzzy after a day of celebrating womankind as it is International Womens Day 2019 #iwd2019. Loving seeing everyones posts on social media coming together to acknowledge the wonderfulness of women around the world from every walk of life and culture.

One thing which really gets my goat (is that a Northern saying? Where DID it come from??!!) is women who tear others down. I saw this recently:

Successful people build each other up.  They motivate, inspire, and push each other.  Unsuccessful people just hate, blame and complain”

It is so true. I have worked on my mindset a lot over the past couple of years and feel so much better for it. I practice gratitude which I used to think was a bit “tree huggy” but it is so much more. It really helps when events happen which would normally result in an entire shitty day, but it gives you the coping mechanism to deal with what has happened, find some good somewhere, and move on. As @karinjoyce of #imperfectlyhappy says, not every day is good, but there is good in every day!

You feel so much better in yourself, being pleased for someone and their achievements as opposed to feeling negative, bitchy and jealous. By sharing these feelings towards another woman, you are just expressing jealousy and your own unhappiness (I’m no saint, I’ve been there!)

When I see women tearing others down, I just feel sorry for the one at the helm of the nastiness. I pity them that they have such evil in their soul to tear people down. I feel sorry that they are unhappy or jealous and that their out let is by trolling other people. It speaks volumes about them. @mrshinchhome has just reached 2 million followers on instagram which she is extremely grateful for and for just being herself and sharing her love of cleaning her own home, yet the trolls are still out there trying to tear her down – why?? Why would they give their time to watching her stories to then troll her? I just don’t get it??

Anyway, we are focussing on the positives and that we should empower other women to be strong and amazing and brilliant and celebrate all that we stand for. You are an amazing woman with everything you juggle, all that your heart beats for and everything that you give.

Here’s a pic of my amazeballs Gran who is 93, my Mum who is 72, and me (45 and proud! – Its taken a lot to get to that stage where I can say that!!), so between us, we have 210 years of wonderfulness. My Gran is the most amazing woman, loved by so many, who taught us such great values, kindness and eternal gratitude. The apple never falls far from the tree, and My Mum is and echo of all my Gran stands for. I am so lucky to have 2 such strong and fabulous Matriarchs and I endeavour to be as great as they are.

Stay fabulous each and every one of you

K xx

A Busy Mum of Boys, always on the go, blogger, health & wellness ambassador, network marketer, general all round everything to everyone, and a social butterfly!

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