The Blog cherry has been popped!!

Well hello there blog world!  

Today is the day to launch my blog/website, and I did the age old school girl error of enjoying a quiet hour at my laptop, writing a health and wellness blog then oohsk!  Off it goes into cyber space…… UNSAVED!!!  Nooooo!!  Oh well, everything happens for a reason, and its taught me a lesson to never leave anything without saving as draft or publishing it!

This is a quick hello to welcome you to my blog, to thank you for joining me, and I hope you like my ramblings!

This busy mum of boys (BMoB for short) is now off to parents evening to see what my 2 darlings have been up to in their first 9 days back in school!!

How were your school reports and parents evenings when you were at school?……..Mine consisted of “Has great potential and ability but talks too much”……… Network Marketing wasn’t so big in those days, but eventually I found a place to channel my talents 🙂

A Busy Mum of Boys, always on the go, blogger, health & wellness ambassador, network marketer, general all round everything to everyone, and a social butterfly!

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