Network Marketing – The Myths & The Mis-understandings

How many people do you think woke up and said “I want to sell Bananas……or Bras…… or I want to work in the accounts department at Audi or I want to stack shelves at Tescos (other Supermarkets are available!)?? I would say pretty much not many had those thoughts, but many do have those jobs. And I am by no means singling out those roles which I have mentioned, as no-one or their job is superior to another individual, and they are just examples for the purpose of my article.

And how many people do you think woke up and thought “When I grow up, I want to sell Aloe Vera”? One person who did have this thought (though he was grown up by the time he had this thought) was Rex Maughan, the Founder of Forever Livings’ Aloe Vera based products.

Not only did Rex have a vision which has meant he now owns over 60% of the worlds’ Aloe plantations, he has also provided an amazing business model whereby people can do the things they want to in life, travel the world, have more time with their families and lead lives they never thought possible, all because they built their own business empires through Forever Livings’ quality aloe vera products.

Outstanding training with Jayne Leach

Here I am at a recent Training event in Warwick – which I have to add, Forever Living events are THE only events which I can spend a whole day, in a room/auditorium, listening to speakers/learning, and NOT fall asleep!! Jayne Leach on the left was running the event.

Years ago, Jayne’s neighbour laughed in her face when she told her all about her new business. Firstly, why would you behave in this way towards someone? Secondly, why would you not be supporting and encouraging someone in their new business venture??

Jayne recently saw this old neighbour, who said “Are you still doing that Aloe Vera thingy from home?” (whilst flicking the back of her hand in a derogatory manner, gesticulating that it is not worthy of any other description); Jayne smiled and politely replied “Yes, the one which has made me a millionaire, with a Porsche in the driveway of my dream home, and a holiday home in France? That has allowed me to spend valuable time with my family, and to build hospitals and schools in Africa through my hard work and charity which I set up??”………. Who do you think was laughing then??

The message there is Don’t judge people. Don’t judge people because they work from home in a Network Marketing business. If you don’t know anything about it, then with an open mind, ask that person before making judgement. I know, because I have judged too. Just because you go out to a place of work Monday to Friday 9-5, doesn’t make your job any more important than that of a network marketer working from home.

Multi Level Marketing companies (MLM) allow Mums like me to earn an income around our children, in pockets of time, so we are always there when our children need us; no need for wraparound childcare costs or asking permission for time off if your child is unwell or for sports day/merits assembly. (Im not even there for sports day this year!! (it wasn’t planned that way, and this is the first ever sports day I will be missing!) Im off to Ibiza with my old Uni friends with the money I have earned through my ‘little stay at home business’!!) šŸ˜‰

Network Marketing, working from home alongside a MLM company opens up opportunities for you to do the things you want to do. How many aspects of your job do you totally love doing? If you love it all, then you are very very lucky. Most people go to work to have the money to live, and hopefully an annual holiday, and some treats thrown in throughout the year – I do the same! Yes there are aspects of my work I may not rave over, but on the whole, I love what I do, I have never felt healthier, I love helping others to feel better, and to help them build successful businesses, I love what it brings me, and the opportunities it continues to bring me.

I have met a huge amount of people in my field who have built extremely successful businesses, some stay at home mums, some mums who didn’t want to leave their kids and return to their day job, some professionals initially working it alongside their 9-5 jobs until their Network Marketing income superseded their day job so they could ‘sack the boss’! and some who just want a little extra income to top up their day job wage. These people have the financial security and a wonderful lifestyle, but they also have THE most precious commodity, and that is TIME.

These people inspire me. They come from all backgrounds, and they all started out like me, with the same box of products, and the same business model – oh, and hard work ethic. If they can run a successful business, then why cant I? And why can’t you? I’d love to show you how you could.

Im a very fair person and cannot bear it when people get jobs or promotions because they ‘brown nose’!! How many times have you been frustrated that someone has had a promotion over you or someone seems untouchable because they are ‘up the back side of the boss?!’ It doesn’t happen here, everyone is at their place on the business ladder through their own hard work, nobody put them there! And how often are you recognised for your efforts at work? With pay rises and treats? holidays paid for or days out? Is there a cap on how much you could ever earn there? Is there a top position whereby once you have reached it, there is nowhere else to go? With an uncapped income, and continual promotions and bonuses, there’s always something to reach for through multiple income streams here.

In any job, there are people who are brilliant at what they do, and equally, there are people who are shockingly bad at what they do. Just like if you visit a McDonalds and have a bad experience, you don’t automatically label every Mc Donalds franchise to be the same; Its the same with Network Marketing, if you have had a bad experience, it is unjust to label all with the same post-it note.

Jayne Leach has worked hard to get her life to where it is. Do you think she woke up and thought “I know, my money’s on Aloe Vera, I need to make a living through Aloe Vera”?…. No, Jayne saw an opportunity and a lifestyle which that opportunity could give her. I too never woke up and thought “Ah yes, today I must get a job in Aloe Vera!”. I was never looking for this kind of job at all! (I use the term loosely, as it doesn’t feel like a job – I enjoy it too much to be classed as work!) But, I was shown the opportunity, and saw what it could offer me and how it would fit into my busy life. I am #ForeverProud to be part of an amazingly supportive team.

If you want something so bad, I can help you get it. If you’re not prepared to step out of your comfort zone and work for it, your want is not strong enough. When you focus on problems, you’ll have more problems. When you focus on possibilities, you’ll have more opportunities……..get in touch to find out if the opportunity is right for you and what it could offer you…….you never know if you don’t ask and you just judge or assume (and we all know what Ass-u-me did!!)

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