Child’s Farm – Its not just child’s play

Its National Eczema Week, and in view of that, I have been delighted to trial some more products from the Childs Farm range.

L-R: Childs Farm bubble bath, glass of Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin & Lemonade! Childs Farm shampoo, Childs Farm hair & body wash and Childs Farm baby wash

Child’s Farm –  Its not just child’s play, and I should know!!

Both of my children suffered with sensitive skin when they were little, and had bouts of eczema,  but it is me who has endured 44 years of eczema. It just becomes you and you get used to living with it; but its not nice.

As a child, it always played a part. If you went for a sleepover to a friend’s house, either their laundry powder or one of their pets would set me off scratching like my life depended on it!! My mum used to shout “stop scratching” as if drawing blood on my arms was a way of self harming!! Believe me, it was far from it, but when you gotta scratch, you gotta sctatch, and once you start, its almost euphoric, and like a drug addict (I can only imagine, I hasten to add!!), you don’t want it to end, as that itch will return and MUST be scratched!!

I can still recall one of my best ‘hits’ when it came to scratching the itch, and that was with the bristly lemon yellow barrel hair brush from Avon!! Oh mannn, did that hit the spot!!  But I can also still hear my mum reeling about how unhygienic it was and that i could infect my eczema with a brush that had peoples hair in it!! (I’d be more worried about peoples hair ending up with my scabby skin cells in it lol!!)

Don’t worry’ they said…….  ‘You’ll grow out of it’ they said……I was so excited for the teenage years, in anticipation of my body to just rid itself of ezcema & asthma, and at last I would be ‘normal’ (the basic word you strived to be as a kid), carefree and not reliant upon inhalers and steroid creams; or have to wear a cotton vest under everything, even my bridesmaid dress so as the material wouldn’t irritate my skin! The teenage years came and went, as did the 20’s and 30’s and by my 40’s, my optimism flailed off, and I accepted itchy sensitive skin and wheeziness were here to stay!

I finally found a range of products from Forever Living which are Aloe Vera based, and suddenly my life changed. I drink the amazing aloe vera berry nectar every morning which aids my skin from the inside out (see my previous blog post on The Magic of Aloe Vera).  I also use the various skin care products for my face and the sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. The recurring eczema on my face has disappeared! I loved the products so much, i now have my own Forever Living business ( The Forever Bee Pollen has rid me of my hay fever type symptoms and animal related allergies!! I can now enter a cat owners house and not spend the entire time sneezing.  Same with horses.  I have always ridden horses but had to endure severe allergies too, but no more!!  For me, its been life changing!!

BUT! There wasn’t anything suitable for washing my body until I discovered……..  I saw it in the supermarket, and recalled one of the school mums had recommended it for skin with eczema. I initially bought their baby wash as it was fragrance free and fragrances had appeared as an irritant when I went for allergy skin patch testing several years ago, but there are thousands of fragrances, so it is very hard to pinpoint/know which ones to avoid.

The Childs Farm fragrance free baby wash did a great job, made my skin feel clean and soft without any fragrance, and didn’t irritate the eczema in the creases of my arms which likes to visit occasionally.  In fact, it helped to clear it.  I also bought the hair & body wash for my boys.  I’d got fed up with always answering their question of “Muuuum, which do i use first, the shampoo or conditioner!!”  every flipping time!!  This product was perfect for them, they could wash their body AND hair with the one product, and without the need for further instructions!! (just a gentle reminder to actually USE the product!!)

The Childs Farm hair & body wash contains organic sweet orange and it smells so good you almost want to add it to your gin & tonic!!  It lathers well on the body and in the hair, so long as you have ensured the hair is fully wet.  The product like any of the others is free from any nasties; No artificial colours, parabens, SLS’s or mineral oils and over 98% naturally derived ingredients.   My skin was left soft and fresh and again, it had helped to clear my eczema, not irritate it.  I haven’t used it on my hair but my boys have.  It cleaned ther hair well, and left it miraculously tangle-free even without a conditioner!! Maybe the conditioning is due to the organic essential oil which it contains.

I was delighted to try the Childs Farm bubble bath.  I love nothing more than a hot bubbly bath for a soak with a glass of wine, couple of candles and a trawl of Facebook, but for so long, i’d not found a bubble bath which didn’t leave me scratching my skin til it bled so I just had to soak in a bath of water – not very luxurious!  No longer shall bath times be foam free!  The bubbles are just enough without over foaming (its the nasties that cause all the foaminess in other products!). The blueberry & organic mango are delicious and make you want to eat a packet of haribo! You feel clean and silky soft after a soak in these bubbles and yet again, no eczema.  Often a hot bath alone (not as in on your own, but I am usually on my own!  Though the boys do still occasionally hop in if I’m in there!) hot water alone could make me itch!

The Childs Farm shampoo contains strawberry & organic mint and can only be described as ‘Pimms for the hair’!!  Great that they have used mint in here too, as when it comes to the kids, nits don’t tend to like minty scents! It foamed up well, left my hair squeaky clean and shiny.  I didn’t use a conditioner, but could easily get the brush through my long hair.  I rough dried my hair before bed and couldn’t believe that I could’ve gone out without having to get the straighteners out!!  The volume in my hair was unbelievable, but it might have been because it hadn’t got the heaviness of a separate conditioner?. I will try it again when my hair needs a wash, as my only reservation was a bit of a dry sticky feel to my hair (if there is such a thing, as those two words are quite contradictory of one another!!) and I should have maybe washed it twice as it had the reside of dry shampoo in it (my absolute go-to product when in a rush!!) BUT, my head hasn’t itched once and no irritation to my face as I use to get with shampoos & conditioners which do contain ‘nasties’.

If you are an adult who suffers with skin or scalp conditions, or who doesn’t fancy using products which contain sulfate (an irritant which can dry out hair and skin, therefore not stripping out the natural oils), then I can highly recommend the Childs Farm shampoo, or the pH-Balanced, Sulfate Free Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo and the Aloe-Jojoba lightweight formula Conditioning Rinse from Forever Living Products. 


Both  can be purchased at

I haven’t tried the Childs Farm moisturiser, so I am unable to comment, but if you saw This Morning on the TV on Friday 21st September 2018, you will have seen Paige Sweeney and her daughter, who swears by Childs Farm for curing her daughters eczema which was pretty horrendous and she felt like she had tried everything to help her daughter. Dr Moncrieff is a GP with a special interest in Dermatology, was also on the show and he was impressed with the ingredients and the results which Paige gained for her daughter, but like with all products, what works for one person, doest have the same result for everyone.  This is the same for all Forever Living aloe vera based products too.

A product which really works for my skin is Aloe First Spray.  A natural soothing, moisturising skin care solution containing Aloe Vera Gel.  I know several people who use this for prickly heat symptoms.  I use it every time I get out of the shower instead of a moisturiser cream, and I haven’t had to use any steroid creams ever since I have been using this along with the Childs Farm body wash.  The Aloe First Spray is a fine mist which is so cooling and calming and also THE best after sun you will ever use!!  Most after suns creams are greasy and leave your skin sticky and hot again after a few minutes; This one actually cools and calms and moisturises in a natural way. Gorgeous to spray on your face to cool you down and not sting you or your child’s eyes.

If you or your child are really suffering with your skin and you feel like you have tried everything, then Forever aloe vera drinking gels are definitely worth a try.  Like with ALL Forever Living products, there is a no quibble 60 day money back guarantee if you feel you are not satisfied.  Not many high street products would offer the same guarantee.

Aloe is great for skin, the immune system and its an ideal digestive aid.  The new purifying gel now contains Vitamin C, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system and to a normal energy yielding metabolism.  Aloe vera drinking gel is sold on its health benefits and not its taste lol!!  BUT there are 4 options to choose from, and one which is mightily popular with both children and adults, is the Aloe Peaches.  It is a smooth and fresh drink thats enhanced 84.3% pure aloe vera gel with natural peach puree and Vitamin C.  My youngest is extremely fussy, but I caught him pouring himself half a pint of the stuff the other day!! He loves it!!  

My eldest has refrained, so it will be interesting to see if their immune systems differ when the school bugs start doing their rounds!!  You or your child would only need a 30-120ml shot each morning, not half a pint like Harvey likes to indulge in!!

I hope you have found some of this blog post useful.  I am in no way an expert, I can just give you my account of what works for me and my family.  As with all health related issues, it is recommended that you seek the opinion and advice of a medical professional first.

I hope some of the products above will help to stop the itch!!  Its frustrating for a child with eczema and awful for a parent who feels helpless when they can’t help it to go away (the eczema, not the child!! ;-).

BMoB xx



  1. Great review karen. It’s good to hear about the products you have found helpful. Made me laugh about the shampoo/conditioner confusion…We recently realised my teenage son had been using conditioner INSTEAD OF shampoo for months. We just thought it was greasy teenage hair that was making his hair look like that. Welcome to the blogging world – so pleased to see your blog up and running xxx

    1. Ah thank you Rebecca, and thank you for being part of a group of great ladies who inspired me to go for it!! Boys and soap dodging hey??!! Glad its not just mine who don’t get the shampoo followed by conditioner game!! xxx

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