Food & Drink

I LOVE food & drink!! 

I really appreciate good food.  I love tasty, healthy, wholesome & fresh food – but life is all about balance, and I am not ashamed to say I am also partial to some ‘dirty food’, especially on those days after the night before – ya know the ones I mean!! 😉

Raised a farmers daughter, it was all about meat & veggies – mostly at lunchtime, and all around the farmhouse kitchen table.  But, I decided to go ‘veggie’ around the age of 12 – that went down like a lead balloon in our house!!  I never really liked the taste of meat, couldn’t bear to smell lamb cooking (still can’t!), and my love of animals played a part too!!

I used to feed the calves morning and night and gave them all names, taking my coloured felt tips into the calf pens and writing their names above them.  I asked my brother one day where “Rambo Sambo Sooty” had gone to  (I couldn’t decide on just the one name for him!!)  I had helped to deliver him during his birth and felt a special bond with him!  My brother replied with “We ate him for Sunday diner”!!!  Horrified, I decided there and then that I was not eating anymore meat!  My beloved companion had in fact moved to the crew yard as he had outgrown the calf pens and it was just my brothers joke to rile his little sister!  Though eventually, R.S.S would be off to market, just not yet.

I am no longer vegetarian, but I am still not a huge fan of meat.  It just doesn’t float my boat.  The risk of chewing on a piece of fat puts me right off.  I enjoy the odd good quality steak or bacon sandwich (all traces of fat removed or charred!), but its usually chicken which is my meat of choice – or poultry if we are splitting hairs (not hares!!)

I love cooking, I love eating at nice restaurants and I don’t really like diners, fried food or burgers (unless its 3am and I need to soak up the extra beverages which may have come my way!), and the thought of ‘combo platter sharing plate’ brings with it the pain of the headache which I experience if I ever eat such a menu item.  I realised early on you are what you eat; how junk food and fizzy pop made me feel sluggish, irritable and often brought on headaches as I just mentioned.

My mum only ever cooked wholesome homemade food, and did all her own baking (she’s a bit famous for it!)  I remember going to people’s houses and thinking that we must be poor as they had chocolate biscuits and cakes in shiny wrappers from the shops and we had to make do with home made efforts!!  I soon realised it wasn’t the case, when people would come to our house and go crazy for mums baking!

I won’t deny it, I love to enjoy an alcoholic beverage!  Pinot Grigio or Pinot Grigio rose being my vino of choice, Mojito or Pornstar Martini being my cocktails of choice and I have recently joined the Gin drinking population of the world!  My favourites are: Brockmanns with rose lemonade, Warner Edwards Rhubarb gin or Whitley Neill Orange Gin.  I am of course a Prosecco princess too!!  The waitress at this weekends wedding arrived to top everyones glasses up as we enjoyed canapés and small talk;  As I tilted my glass for minimal frothy fizz and maximum Prosecco, she said “and theres  a prosecco professional right there”!!  No end to my qualifications hey?!

This section will be about any recipes I have found which I would love to share with you, new drinks which have tickled my fancy, and any great places to eat which I feel deserve a shout out.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well” ~ Virginia Woolf